MOM Brands™ Cereals

Our Company

Focused on the needs of families and our retail partners

  • Retail Partners

    We owe a lot to our retail partners. We work with them to offer their shoppers innovative products, great variety, and compelling price points. When they shine, we shine.

  • Many Sizes and Packaging Formats

    Big bags, small bags, in-between size bags. Yes, even some boxes. Grocers have different requirements for their cereal aisles, and families need options and price points that meet their needs. That's what we're all about.

  • Controlling Water and Waste

    Families can always count on getting their favorite cereal at a great price, every day, and everywhere they shop.

  • Promotional Pallets

    In 2011, we introduced Sally's® Cereals to families in Canada and within months, Sally's Cereals became the fastest growing cereal brand in Canada.


Cereal Basics

Yes, some cereal is actually puffed from guns. Other varieties are flaked, sheeted, shredded, or extruded. Technical terms for the shape and texture of each bit in your bowl. And we're the only cereal company that does it all.



We're building a better business and that takes modern buildings with state-of-the-art equipment inside. We operate the most high tech cereal kitchens in the world, and we're the only cereal company that's built two major facilities since 2000. It's a big investment in our future - and in being able to bake up the highest quality cereals in the most efficient and cost-saving ways.

Commitment to Quality

MOM Brands® makes one out of every 10 cereal breakfasts served each day¹, and we now have more varieties among the top 50 best sellers than many other well-known cereal companies². We're growing because families are discovering that great quality cereal doesn't have to be expensive. We're really proud of the fact that we've saved families over one billion dollars since 2007³.